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Welcome to our campaign!

My name is Michael Hupp and I am running to represent the 45th district in the Colorado House of Representatives. I am a Colorado native who is passionate about this state and the great fortunes that it offers. We are surrounded by awe-inspiring natural beauty, a perfect climate, and incredibly kind and generous neighbors. We owe it to future generations to do everything we can to preserve and nurture these great gifts.

I firmly believe that to be an effective representative, a candidate must meet as many people in the district as possible, listen to their passions and concerns and carry their values to the statehouse. I chose to run for this seat after speaking with many people in Douglas County, and sharing their frustrations at the continued extremism across our political environment. Most agree that Douglas County needs less extremism and more community, less vitriol and more compassion, less orthodoxy and more common sense.

I am a fiscal conservative who wants small, efficient government with minimal taxes. I am a social progressive who seeks equality for all citizens. I am a scientist who believes in evidence-based approaches to problem solving in general, and governing in particular.

Please join us as we fight to restore Colorado values to Douglas County!