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Who Am I?

I am both a Colorado native AND a Colorado transplant. I graduated from Heritage High School in Littleton, and the University of Colorado at Boulder. It was there I met my future wife. Together we moved to Missouri, where I was admitted to veterinary school at the University of Missouri. We have three amazing, young children and we wanted them to grow up close to family and the incredible natural beauty of Colorado. When we returned, we settled in Douglas County and have been happy to be a part of this thriving community.

Why Am I Running?

I am running for office because I believe this district can do better. Throughout my life, I have sought out leadership roles and have built a reputation as someone who can work with a wide array of personalities, who can quickly assimilate complex ideas, and who can build consensus toward solutions that yield the greatest benefit. My parents, public school teachers and friends instilled in me a fiercely independent spirit that makes us challenge the status quo. As a veterinarian, I have been trained to consider a multitude of factors before making a diagnosis and ultimately, a treatment plan. Our General Assembly continues to face difficult choices on important issues, and I believe this pragmatic approach will serve our district better than a dogmatic, partisan approach.

I am tired of the continued polarization of our political environment. Each election cycle, candidates from both parties seem to get more and more partisan and “We the People” are forced to choose between extreme candidates that don’t represent our views. I believe the voters of this district are fed up with this hyperpartisan nonsense. Very few of the issues we face are black or white. While I can’t say that you will agree with me on every issue, I can promise that I am not beholden to any extreme ideology and will consider each issue from a rational, thoughtful and compassionate perspective.

I have always been someone who wants to serve others. I am running because I have always believed that it is easy to sit on your couch and yell at your TV, but the hard part is standing up and putting in the effort to make things better. I hope that you will join me on this campaign to restore decency, personal liberty, and common sense to our district and this amazing state we all love.